Debt Recovery and Litigation

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers are your trusted Brisbane business lawyers who are able to assist you and your business in the recovery of money and debts that are due and owing to you or your business.

Whether the debt arises as a result of goods sold and delivered, or for services provided, if your clients or customers have failed to pay the debt in full, Spranklin McCartney Lawyers are Brisbane business lawyers who have extensive experience and expertise in providing debt recovery services to a variety of business and companies.

Our qualified and experienced lawyers can provide advice and services in all aspects of the debt recovery process, including:

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  • sending Letters of Demand for payment;
  • contacting debtors to arrange payment terms;
  • negotiating and preparing settlement agreements between the parties;
  • instituting Court proceedings and attending at hearings; and
  • enforcement and follow-up of judgments.



Should you need assistance in any area of the debt recovery process (including defending claims) Spranklin McCartney Lawyers are able to provide advice, support and assistance to you and your business that best suits your needs in clear, concise and easy to understand terms.

For more information on how we can assist you please contact our office.

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