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Brisbane Business Lawyers – Establishing and running a business or commercial venture is never an easy task; however, the quality of advice and assistance you receive will make an immense difference to the outcome of your operations.

What is Business and Commercial Law?

Business and Commercial Law, your Brisbane business lawyers,  is a broad area encompassing a range of relationships and transactions between persons and/or commercial entities.

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers, your Brisbane business lawyers, can provide expert legal advice and assistance in:
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  • Sale and acquisition of private companies involving share sales and purchases;
  • Sale and acquisition of businesses;
  • Company, business & trust structures;
  • Setting up private companies, partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Establishing discretionary and unit trusts;
  • Establishing self managed superannuation funds;
  • Preparing and/or reviewing company constitutions and shareholder agreements;
  • Agency agreements;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Employment matters;
  • Disputes (i.e. shareholder, oppression, winding up, sale etc);
  • Company powers of attorney; and
  • General business and company advice.



With extensive experience in the legal industry, our lawyers – Brisbane business lawyers – have been involved in a wide variety of business and company law matters, ranging from small business ventures to large scale projects.

We are reputable Brisbane business lawyers and offer in-depth knowledge and years of experience. We believe in the concept of honesty, transparency of all costs involved and open communication. Please contact us if you need any information related to business and commercial law.

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact our office.

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