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Brisbane Business Lawyers – Often people spend thousands of dollars establishing and building a business without even considering the value of their intellectual property.

Failure to take steps to protect your intellectual property can result in a costly mistake if another party claims to be the legitimate owner of the intellectual property. Consult your Family Lawyer Brisbane or Brisbane Business Lawyers (Spranklin McCartney Lawyers) for more information.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is an intangible asset that is the result of creativity. It also can be in the form of:
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  • Trademark;
  • Logo;
  • Software;
  • Copyright;
  • Technical data;
  • Records/database; and
  • Know- how.


How can you protect your Intellectual Property?

If you are the owner of Intellectual Property, you can sell, assign or license your Intellectual Property to another party or parties. These can be dealt with by Brisbane Business Lawyers in various agreements such as a Deed of Assignment, License Agreement or Franchise Agreement.

If you believe someone is infringing your Intellectual Property rights, you may wish to consider protecting ownership of the Intellectual Property by initiating proceedings in Court. Brisbane Business Lawyers have the expertise and experience to assist you in this matter.

BEWARE: Registration of a business name or company does not necessarily protect your intellectual property in the name. The only way to do this is by registering the name and/or logo as a trademark with IP Australia.

How can we help?

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers – Brisbane business lawyers – are experienced lawyers who can assist you with all your Intellectual needs, including negotiating the terms of Agreement, initiating or defending proceedings and attending to the registration of your trademark with IP Australia.

For more information on how we can assist you please contact our office.

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