Commercial Law – Commercial Property Law and Business Law

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers are able to assist you with all aspects of Commercial Law and Business Law matters including (but not limited to):

Commercial Conveyance:

Commercial property conveyance in Queensland is a much more complex and involved process than the conveyance of residential property.

Given the complexities involved in commercial property conveyancing, we always recommend you contact our office prior to signing any contracts, to ensure your rights are properly protected and reflected within the contract.  It can be very difficult (if not impossible) to vary the terms of a contract after it has been signed.

Our lawyers can assist you through the legal process by negotiating and drafting the Contract terms, conducting property due diligence enquiries, as well as preparing for and attending at Settlement to ensure a smooth transaction.  Additionally, depending upon the property, there may also be a lease that will need to be assigned if the property is tenanted.

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of a commercial property conveyance in Brisbane and Queensland.

Before you sign that contract, please call our office.

Commercial Leasing (including Retail Shop Leases):

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you should always seek legal advice in the negotiating and preparation of Commercial Leases, Sub-Leases, Lease Amendments and assignment of Lease.

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers are experienced Brisbane business lawyers who can assist landlords and tenants with the preparation of a Commercial Lease, as well as provide advice upon the Lease.

Further, if the Commercial Lease falls under the Retail Shop Leases Act (Qld) 1994, there are specific obligations to be undertaken by the landlord and the tenant prior to entering the lease.  Failing to comply with the Retail Shop Leases Act (particularly a failure by the landlord) may severely jeopardize your rights and give rise to additional rights to the other party.

To avoid the pitfalls that come with a poorly drafted Commercial Lease and falling foul of the Retail Shop Leases Act, always make sure you obtain legal advice about your lease from Spranklin McCartney Lawyers.

Property Development:

Property development is an exciting yet complex activity. Our experienced lawyers – business conveyance Brisbane – can assist you through the legal process of negotiating and preparing Off the Plan Contracts, registering a Plan of Subdivision on Title, registering a Community Titles Scheme and providing assistance with the establishment of a Body Corporate.

Legislative Compliance:

Owners and occupiers of commercial property have certain obligations under State and Federal legislation relating to the commercial premises (e.g. Certificate of Classification, Asbestos Register). Our lawyers can provide you with up to date legal advice on such obligations to ensure you are always compliant with the relevant regulations.

For more information on how we can assist you please contact our office.

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